Wednesday, March 9, 2011


guess what 

this is my 200th art & etc post 

and a bicentenary requires at least a little celebration don't you think?

will you settle for a couple of bits a bright news and a few more pics of my SotE work instead?

 detail 'closed book' installation - SotE 2011

'closed book' - installation
16 world book encyclopaedias set in a circle on compass points, 15 beach rocks, 1 half brick and one small river rock -
Bermagui headland 2011 SotE

‘panton volvit plenus orbis’ – (everything turns full circle) second version
 SotE small sculpture show installation

Circular bookforms created from discarded atlases

and the good news stories?
I've shared on the BookArtObject blog - that I got word today that our exhibition proposal for Impact 7 was successful (wheeeeeee - we're off to the international multi-disciplinary printmaking conference this year hosted by Monash Uni in Melbourne)

I didn't add in that post - I'm also heading to the event as a solo arteeest - I've been selected as part of the 'open portfolio' bit of the event as well (wheeeeee)

oh and did I tell you - my loooooong book 'serpens volumen - arcus pluvius' (rainbow serpent book) has been short-listed for the inaugural Manly Library Acquisitive Book Art Award  - so it will be wheeling its way to Sydney this week (I wonder if the exhibition visitors have as much fun with the beastie as we girlies managed...)

I packed up 'codex interruptum' today

and for the first time in a very long time I have time to enough to breathe and enjoy the glorious autumn days (watch out garden - here I come!)

** thanks everyone (including all you anonymous folk lurking in the corners)
for dropping by, reading my ravel, and sending vibes of support over the past 200 posts


  1. Congratulations on the 200th post, your fabulous photos of your installations, and all the best for 'serpens volumen - arcus pluvius' - woo hoo!

  2. 200 posts - wow, well done. I remember when...
    Love the 'flowers' on the wall. I know some doilies they'd sit well with. Will see you at Impact.

  3. Congrats on so many things Ronnie - but mostly on making it to the place where you can breathe again. It takes a lot out of you and feels like a marathon so enjoy those long deep breaths and the smell of your soil and garden. I love the way the encyclopaedias came together for SotE and am thrilled at your success as the individual artist at Imprint. Fancy you heading to the smoke and sounding like you think you could enjoy it!?!?! Fab - hope to see you t here...we'll see!

  4. Congratulations!, congratulations!, congratulations!, congratulations!!!!
    You are very well worth each one of them, and as for finally having the "time to breathe and enjoy the glorious autumn days...", this last one is super well earned! Bravissima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish you continuous success in all you touch!

  5. Very well done!! Success is its own reward and no doubt you are feeling that all the work (both hand and brain) is vindicated. I look forward to seeing the results the next marathon effort.

  6. Congratulations Ronnie on all your successes, how exciting. Have enjoyed seeing your installation images very much. Enjoy the garden and have a wonderful year.

  7. Yay for Ronnie! So cool that you're in the Impact portfolio thingy... See/meet you there! Sara x

  8. Plaudits from me, too,Ronnie.
    But the breathing on glorious autumn days is the best bit!

  9. oh, so many good things to celebrate, and autumn coming on, too. you deserve a big cyber hug, and a little respite. then back to work!!!

  10. Woops! I'm a bit delayed with my bloggy reading. How did I miss this very special moment? Congratulations on your 200th post! Such an achievement and such a lovely, lovely blog.

    I look forward to the next 200;)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx