Thursday, March 3, 2011

busy busy...

I am so over-worked, over-committed, over-tired and over-stressed right now
I'm not sure I can type straight...

Here are our cats: Boots (grey boy), Dante-the Dreadful (chocolate boy), and Rocky (blue-point boy)
they have a much better grasp on things.....
why worry when food is plentiful, the blankets are soft and warm and you have the comfort of friends....


Sculpture on the Edge opens tomorrow - and after travelling back from the regional swim carnival (250kms away..... nothing is close around these here parts... but this is what you do when you have swimmingest fishy kiddies) I had to wheel it over to Bermagui and install one piece for the small sculpture show (a variation of an installation at my solo show... which of course took more than 4hrs to get up..... oh boy) Tomorrow I'll be installing another something (an ephemeral book/sculpture/ conceptual piece for the headland... here's hoping it's easier to get together!) and Saturday I'm unleashing my 'secret' piece (hint - be in Bermagui after 8am, and before 12pm...... yep it's going to be a truly ephemeral something..... I already know it's going to be a bit of a challenge...)

and I've somehow got to scrape out some time to prepare my bit for the sculpture symposium on Sunday....


I'm not even going to THINK about all the other things that are supposed to get done at the same time.... (right now it's 11pm and I'm washing clothes.... )

anyone know where I can find a few extra hours in the day?

no I didn't think so..... (I hope all my friends in blog-land and around town just bear with me for the next little while... I AM thinking of you all - I know you're all busy busy too)


next time around I'm coming back as one of our cats!



  1. So am I! (coming back as one of your cats, that is!)

    WV= dogencus... wash your mouth out!

  2. You really need to check out Noela Mills' blog:
    She has hsome VERY creative ways to de-stress. Good Luck.

  3. Your cats are sooo deliciously relaxed. Yes, I think we'd all like to come back as one of them. You've certainly got your hands full - I'm sure everyone will bear with you for as long as it takes. Hope the weather is perfect for Sculpture on the Edge and good luck with the ephemeral somethings (which I'm sure will be spectacular).

  4. Good luck with everything Ronnie! If anyone can do all of that horrendous list of things, it's you... I admire your energy. Talk to you on the other side of your mad weekend, Sara x

  5. oh to be a cat
    i have a very small one in a self-induced coma on my lap as i type...


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx