Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Since I posted about the arrival of the new Big Girls on Monday morning things have really hit the fan big time down in our part of the world..

Many of my aussie friends may have seen news footage of floods in our area (the Bega Valley for those trying to connect the dots)  - indeed yesterday Bega experienced one of it's biggest floods (second only to the 1971 monster floods) - but the thing that made it quite a shock was it all happened so fast - yes it was raining, the river was climbing a bit... even the BOM was caught unawares (at 10pm monday night they were issuing a minor flood warning, with a vague 'but we don't know what to expect'.....  just after 4am the Brogo river was just 1m under the record set in 1971 and the Bega river hit official major flood level... something nice to wake up to eh?)....

Kim - a bloggy (and local) friend has captured some pics of what Bega looked like yesterday.... and you can see them on her delightful blog.......  PHWORRRR!

The highway was cut by flood waters in numerous places and the area (especially in Bega) has sustained major damage .... Bega Cheese and numerous other businesses took a battering,  houses did go under (just look at Kims pics.... poor buggers in Bega)  - and we are aware of farmers who are having one hell of a time (I've seen some pics from fb friends of stranded herds on Jellat Jellat flats - beautiful river flat land between Bega and Tathra ..... poor girls...)

We had nothing like that nastiness here at Sams Creek....

But then we don't experience flooding the same way as the flatter parts of the district (and we didn't get anything like the rain that fell slightly to our south and west ....) We expect we've lost some fencing close to Narira Creek, and the access road to 'Alanbar' (Phil's farm) has been badly damaged - but 'tis nothing in the great scheme of things (all stock - including the new and newer Big Girls are fine and dandy)

Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day.... (even as flood waters were inundating Bega
just 50kms to our south....). We had no power for more than 12 hrs, (which for us means no water either... grrrr) and no phone - the kids stayed home from school just to make things a bit easier for the system, and later in the afternoon we spied this beauty...

I'm fairly confident it's a Black Jezebel - the first I've spied at Sams Creek

Last night as we heated up soup on the BBQ, drove to town with jugs to get drinking water, lit candles, and went to bed early, we were all mindful that our situation was just a minor inconvenience - How dreadful things must be for the poor folk in Japan....



  1. the intimacy of the internet makes far away disasters so personal.

  2. It's been a year full of unexpected phenomena. Hope you can keep dry.

  3. Oh dear! it looks all too familiar. Very glad to hear it's only been a minor inconvenience to you & your poor soggy girls!

  4. Gosh, Kim's photos tell it all, don't they? What a resilient lot we humans are, coping with everything thrown at us. Good your girls are okay, and you too, of course. Fabulous butterfly. Don't think I've seen one here.

  5. Hi Ronnie - even from far away over here (Hanoi) we read about Bega flooding and are thrilled to know you are OK. Its hard to imagine what's happening all over the globe - and I just keep shaking my head and almost being unable to process it all. Take care in amongst all the busy-ness you have on.

  6. Great post, Rhonda. Thanks for the mention:) That butterfly looks gorgeous. What a way to end the flood...or has it ended? Right now it's pouring AGAIN in Bega (4:00pm Thursday). Could it possibly continue???


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