Friday, March 25, 2011


Sams Creek paddock.... yesterday.... around 5pm...

Sass: "Hey mum come quick - a rainbow has landed in our paddock"

EJ: "quick mummy quick! - lets go get the gold!"

Sass: "there's not really gold at the end of the rainbow, is there mum?" 

EJ: "is SO!"

Sass: "is not... it's a miff, isn't that right mum?"

EJ: "dad says there's no miffs allowed on the farm... 'cause strange girls can make the cows sick... 
anyway - can we go slide on it instead?"




  1. i remember similar dialogues...smiles.

  2. The innocence, the thrill of seeing/discovering the magic of nature, the loveliness of childhood! Thank you for sharing this most precious rainbow with us.

  3. It does look at though you could walk right up to the end of the rainbow. Lovely exchange of views from the kidlets. Hey, wouldn't it have been useful to find the gold?


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