Saturday, March 19, 2011

thinking, doing, being a farmer's wife....

I've been finding it difficult to try to post something with so much other 'stuff' on my mind.....

Like worry for the folk in Japan - as if it's not enough to contend with earthquake and tsunami and after-shocks ... everything about the unfolding 'drama' at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is just gob-smackingly dreadful.....


(now is not the time to go into the pros and cons and blips and blops of nuclear anything - but I will say - I've long been a NO NUKES girlie.... enough said)

Like many of you, my thoughts are with everyone in Japan.... may your country and people heal quickly.

My thoughts are also on a HUGE project closer to home....

Over the past few months a large structure has emerged on my partner's farm.... (some of my bloggy friends from have been following the progress of the project over here) - but here's a brief pictorial for everyone else....

yes - you guessed right - it's a damn big dairy

 this is my farming man
checking out the pit in his brand spanking new 20-a-side, swing-over herringbone dairy
(no I don't feel confident rattling that off... I hope I got it right)

 I have spent so many sleepless nights over the past couple of years thinking and worrying about this project (but worry is not very productive eh?)..... So when the project started back in October last year - I headed off to complete my Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) - and this way I imagined I might have a positive and practical way of being involved.... whilst also remaining absolutely true to my beliefs in a greener, more sustainable, holistic way of undertaking farm/life.... (it remains to be seen how things will go.... and how I'll cope with the early mornings... I don't have much longer to wait until I find out - FP expects to be milking the new girls in just over a weeks time..... GULP!)

Last weekend I set up a small book piece in the pristine dairy pit...

(no one every said being a farmer's wife would be easy..... but my man also says - it's not so easy being partner to an artist either... especially when I have the tendency to do things like this!)



  1. Looks like ours but ours is much older, you are brave or something, we are only just hanging in what with the price of milk and the cost of feed etc, we should be retired but are not. Good luck.

  2. hello there penny! sorry to hear of your all-too-common story (I haven't fully vented my thoughts on the super-bastards.... I mean SUPERMARKETS and the cheap milk campaign..... indeed our new girls are travelling up from victoria - victims of the cheap milk war)

    for our part - I should add to all who are wondering - our milk is not destined for the fresh milk market - we will be supplying Bega Cheese - and Bega Cheese is a co-operative fully owned and controlled by the farmers who supply it. So we have more reason than most in the industry to be hopeful... (but I accept your good luck vibes with gratitude... good luck to you too)

  3. Yay for Bega cheese. It's not easy being a co-operative these days, and obviously not easy being a farmer either. My thoughts are with you - especially the bit about the early mornings! Good luck Ronnie! We read this blog and know where your heart is: you deserve to do really well. Sara x

  4. What a beautiful book installation! Books, concrete, stainless steel, lovely. Probably the last time you'll be able to do that in there.

    I'm really pleased to hear your milk will go to Bega Cheese; that takes away a lot of the stress. All the very best to you and FP, in this exciting new enterprise. Carol xx

  5. Well ronnie, life is change as they say, and with your positive attitude and energy I'm very confident for you and FP.

    Now what about a lovely installation shot of those books one day after the cows have been through and left their "contributions"?

    Very best wishes! Moooooooooooooooo!

  6. i couldn't help but think about the installation done a couple weeks in the future...sick woman i am!

    the facility looks great, though.

  7. Best wishes Ronnie as this new chapter begins...the last time we were in Hanoi we came across Bega cheese - but not this time. I think the cheese v milk market is a better one to be in and we look forward to eating the results of your labours! Go well FaB


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx