Monday, September 5, 2011


This morn I attended the launch of the newly invigorated SouthEastArts

and discovered I'm the 'feature artist' of the launch
(corrrrr... if I'd know this was going to happen I'd have dressed up!)

I love what I'm seeing and reading of SouthEastArts vision and mission and core values

"All of South East Arts activities will reflect our commitment to values of:
•    Interconnectedness
•    Sustainability and growth
•    Relevance and impact
•    Community
•    High aspirations in contemporary practice
These values underpin and sustain all aspects of South East Arts activity. We aim to support artists, groups, organisations and projects that share and reflect these values...."


p.s. - I loved watching a teeny-tiny snippet preview of
Fling Physical Theatre's forthcoming production 'I wanna be'
(corrr - jealous! I wanna be young again and be able to bend over backwards...
and not have things go SNAP!)

ahhh well - back to reality


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