Friday, September 9, 2011

paper wrestling, wrestling paper ...

 I think everyone (except perhaps guylaine in quebec and the author)
has received my 'paper wrestling' contribution for BAO project two

are you ready for the big reveal?

(drum roll please)

'Wrestling Paper' was short-listed for the EGAG National Book Arts Award 'Books Beyond Words... evolution' and a detail piccie was uploaded to their website - all this happened before I could get a copy of the book to all the BAO peeps.... sorry about this but I DO have an excuse (not a terribly good one, but it's an excuse.... which I'll share when I blog about the making of this piece)

I didn't send anything other than the book and the separate colophon when I posted this out to all the BAO peeps.... so I'll share with you all the the statement I submitted with the work for inclusion in EGAG book arts award...

'Wrestling Paper'
coptic-bound circular (or 'flower') booklet – edition of 25

Featuring handmade paper, hand-marbled paper, photography, archival inkjet print, calligraphy, letterpress printing and coptic binding - all by the artist, 'Paper Wrestling' provides a snapshot of the evolution of bookcrafts – from traditional to contemporary processes – in a unique bookform. This piece was created as part of BookArtObject ( – which is a blog gathering point, mode of communication and book art exchange between distanced book artists. All the book works created as part of the ongoing BAO project lead a double life – physical and digital. This duality is indicative of the current evolution of the book.

With my small book form I'm keen to hint that in life everything turns full circle...

'Paper Wrestling' poem by Claire Beynon (used with permission).

I'll share more about my work process in the evolution of this small 'book' in another post - and I WILL (eventually) be offering some of the edition for sale (approx 12 books) but I'll tell you about that soon.... right now I think it's important for me to remember to......



  1. Oh this looks so pretty ronnie. Congratulations!

    It's great to have a little explanation as it's a bit hard to work stuff out looking online. I was wondering how you brought "paper wrestling" and "books evolving" together, but it's all clear now!

  2. congratulations-and how wonderful to combine all these book ages/eras. nice thought, made yours in the coptic flower.

  3. Not only a great book, but also a 1st class write up!
    Congratulations on its creation, on the EGAG results, and... all of the above!!!

  4. What a massive amount of work to produce so many editions of this gorgeous piece. Congrats on the short-list, well deserved.

  5. Ronnie this looks gorgeous. Love the colours, textures and typewriter text :-)


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