Thursday, September 29, 2011

in the city...

 It's been cold and wet and windy.... but as I've had an umbrella with me today - I've had an absolute blast discovering gems around the city....

there's so much to love about Melbourne - I thought I would list Ronnies "top five things I love about mellyborne today"

número uno...

the public transportation network

trains, trams, they're everywhere... they're almost idiot proof (heck I'm navigating my way around on them... they must be)...

I seriously love love LOVE the trains/trams of Melbourne

number two

the coffee

I don't think I've had a bad brew yet... and the cafe lattes of degraves street are worth returning for again and again (so I have!)

number three

the buildings... love the wrought iron lacework of the inner city terraces, the slightly tattered exteriors of city laneways, and the theatricality of the very grandest buildings

(this is the

number four

the funny/ quirky/ arty people and places....

(hand held gallery - Bourke street in the city....
it's tiny and squeezed inside are equally tiny book/art/objects....
I only got to see through the window.... but it was worth the walk for the gaze)

number five

Gertrude and Brunswick streets of Fitzroy!

this is Brunswick street... so many delish delights to behold....
from art galleries to clothing factory outlets to coffee spots, organic food, clothing designers - you name it...
Gertrude st was even MORE quirky!

I met the wonderful folk of Beautiful Silks whose emporium - for lack if a better term - is in Victoria St Fitzroy ... and so lovely was my visit I'll have to tell about it in another post...

tomorrow is the final day of Impact 7 ... I'll pack up our small exhibition and squeeze all my extra stuff into my already bulging bags for the long bus trip home tomorrow night...



  1. oooo 'Hand Held' looks like a nice little book art shop... have a great last day and safe trip home.

  2. Your Melbourne experience sounds GREAT!
    It has been equally great following you through your postings... Enjoy the remaining hours!

  3. i want to go inside the door that says "hand held" SO much!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx