Wednesday, September 7, 2011


baby Rocky boy
pic from the archive

the all together cat snuggle ....
Boots (grey moggy), Dante-the-dreadful (chocolate Burmese), Rocky (blue point Burmese)

We are sad to say farewell to our Rocky-boy
I've spent most of the day looking high and low - calling his name

Phil found his little cat body beside the highway

needless to say he was not known for his road sense
(and we tried all sorts of tricks to keep our animals from wandering near the road...
but obviously we didn't try hard enough)

 We are all sad ....
gosh but our furry coat friends seem to leave big furry holes in our hearts 
when they leave us 



  1. Oh shit! So sorry, Ronnie.Go give the others a big snuggle.

  2. I have lost enough to feel for you it is so sad, very few of our outdoor farm cats lived long lives, snakes cars etc so now I have one indoor cat and one so far very savvy farm cat.

  3. Oh that is very, very sad. My heart goes out to you all. The one good thing is you found him and you aren't left wondering what happened.
    Burmese are very special cats - you will always remember him.
    Hugs, xox

  4. So sorry. I too have lost many cats over the years. It is heart breaking.

  5. Oh, so sad Ronnie. Burmese just don't have much road sense and I have heartbreakingly lost a couple that way - too soon. He looks like he was a gorgeous loving companion, take care. F

  6. Oh dear Ronnie, that is sad... Hugs,

    Sara x

  7. you have had some sadnesses lately. sorry.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. Your snuggling kitty picture 'caught my eye' as we have a chocolate burmese, too. I'm sending you many healing thoughts.

  9. Ah ... that is sad! Sorry for your little creature loss Ronnie & co.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx