Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I tell you no lies....

I have completed my very small edition 
(just 12 little books)
for my second BAO project...

and I will be posting out 8 of them to the 'Art and Lies' BAO peeps in the coming days

Right now I'm worrying myself bald...
My sarah-doggie spent last night at the vets
after a paralysis tick tried to suck the life-force out of my beautiful baby
(she has responded well to the serum and hopefully will come home later today)

BUT in the meantime our Rocky-boy
(our eeejit Burmese kitty.... all beauty, no brains)
has gone missing.... 
we have searched and searched and called his name

and nothing....

Sass headed off to school this morning with a heavy heart
and I'm finding it hard to think about anything else...



  1. I hope Rocky-boy finds his way home, soon!

  2. Oh no! COME HOME ROCKY!!!

    And get well soon Sarah. xxx

  3. Don't give up hope: our cat went missing for 7, yes SEVEN, months and turned up two days after we got a new kitten. He's developed a taste for it, and though most of his trips away are only about 3 - 10 days, he did do another 5 month holiday.


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