Thursday, September 22, 2011

melbourne bound...

In a couple of days time I'll be boarding a bus as I travel down the highway through the night to Melbourne town

I'm off to attend Impact 7 - international printmakers (and etc) conference at Monash Uni....

oooo excitement

I'm staying with a fellow survivor of the Monash MVA (thanks so much A)

I'm still working out my itinerary will be - but I DO know that I'll be catching up with old friends and (ooooo excitement) meeting old bloggy friends for the very first time (and if you've visited Sara's blog today you'll notice how we are saying all the same things right now.... including THANKS RANSW for the grant to let me/us go to Impact!)

Of course right at the last minute I decided to make some new 'things' to take with me (face palm!!!! why do I do this to myself!!!)

 it's a small limited edition colour 'zine' of sorts.....

and another small limited edition 'zine'.....  I'm on a roll!
I'll share more pics and details of these in a later post...

eschewing the usual printed business cards or the like -
I've created a very rough-n-ready photocopied (and hand worked) zine-as-promo
(printed on recycled paper)

 if you turn up to Impact and smile nicely at me - I'll give you one of these...
for everyone in aussie blogland - if you send me a self-addressed stamped DL envelope - I'll post you one!

On Tuesday I'm presenting my work as part of Impact's 'open portfolio' (I'll be in Room E2.11, Building E - 12.30 - 3.30pm)

I don't know if I'll have enough energy to get through everything on my swelling 'to-do' list as the conference has many juicy offerings - and I'm hoping to check out a few things in the city as well.... ahhhhh well -  at least I can rest up after I board the bus early Friday evening for the long journey home (I'm due to arrive back in Cobargo at 4am)

oh I almost forgot - the other day I found a newish app to help post to blogger from a iOS device.....

yeeee harrr! (so keep your eyes peeled here and at the BAO blog for a melbourne pic or two next week as I blog on the go)



  1. Sounds fascinating. I will be in melbourne over those days, are there any things that are open to the public? i went to the site but it is a little confusing.

  2. I'm not sure penny.... I THINK the exhibitions that are onsite are meant to be open to the public.... but aside from the impact event on campus at caulfield - there are oodles of events as part of the month of print (you can see some of the things on offer here: .... I might catch you there!

  3. have a great time! i'm looking forward to the commentary on BAO and hearing more about the whole thing. your little zine-esq things look intriguing....

  4. Hope it all goes great Ronnie - have fun with the zines'n'things


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx