Wednesday, April 25, 2012

with a little help from my friends....

 Today we've been to the ANZAC day service up town.

I am a passionate pacifist (from a long line of the same) - My maternal great grandfather, who fought at the Somme in WWI was the only soldier in our family - I suspect if it came to it - the rest of my lot would be conscientious objectors.... yet my father is patron of the local branch of the RSL (he has supplied the music for the ANZAC Day service in Cobargo every year for the past 60 years.... yes you read that right....  6 decades). As a child/teen I marched every year. Our two children have attended every service since their births and marched since they've been at school.

Sometimes people ask how you can be a pacifist AND a supporter of ANZAC Day. I don't see the problem. ANZAC Day has never been about the glorification of war to me - instead it has always been a powerful and personal message of peace - and this is what I hope our children also come to understand.

So each ANZAC Day I tell our kids the stories of our family and community to help them realise the value of mateship and the absolute stupidity of war.

And talking of mates and community - today a beautiful soul - local gal Kim - posted a looooooong (pic filled) 'guest nest' post on her blog all about my little sams creek nest - just in time to tell all her nice 'feather and nest' blog readers about the Sams Creek Bookworks Open Day (yep that was the obligatory reference to you-know-what... )

I have the nicest friends in all the world



  1. It was my absolute pleasure, Ronnie. Thank you so much for taking part of The Guest Nest. It was such fun seeing your studio and gorgeous garden. Looking forward to seeing it in real life on the 5th xx

  2. I'm a passionate pacifist too, ronnie and I support Anzac Day and get quite emotional remembering what members of my family had to endure in 2 world wars.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx