Monday, April 23, 2012

sign of the times....

I'm currently handcrafting what I hope will be 
a traffic stopping sign for the bookworks

this is just a hint 
check out more working pics on the sams creek bookworks site

ps did you see the little poster for the open day over there in the sidebar >>>>>

(I'm excited and nervous about the day
and working flat out on all the preparations - 
 its all I can think about so I hope you'll just bear with me for the next couple of weeks 
while I just talk bookworks bookworks bookworks!)


  1. good good work. hang in there.

  2. I went to your website and loved your book works there. The tower of burning. The spiral encyclopedia.

    I think that this show will be fab . Congratulations.

  3. ahhhh thanks judy - I've promised my family no book fires on the open day (but no one said anything about book installations..... I'm currently making up all manner of booky things in the garden...... I hope they bring a few smiles to faces.....)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx