Sunday, April 8, 2012

art gesture sunday - week 14...


 four red and gold books on a beach at night

on a night with a high tide... 


a sudden unexpected surge of surf!

(I run but am caught - wet to my knees, my boots fill with sea water and sand)

four books washed away!

I scan the sand with my tiny torch...

I find





I collect the wet and wretched tomes and head for home

squelching as I go...



  1. More than a gesture, I'd say it was a performance! ; D

  2. wonderful. i was there, with you!

  3. what fun and such a great photographic documentation of your gesture/performance

  4. I loved watching every step - and think you did brilliantly to capture the wave and the resultant flotsam/jetsam...who ever said you didn't have to suffer for your art?

  5. love the thought of sneaking down at night and not being able to know quite why to expect...

    the beach at night has an incredible sense of mystery and theres that tension of not quite knowing why the sea will do!

    Interesting to hear your take on art school Ronnie... I think tensions (that word again!) spring from a whole lot of compeing issues...staffing, philosophical underpinnings and dominant agendas, the competition for jobs and everything else...the urban nature of many ed sites and the fact that many staff have little connection to land and kinds of issues that (some) students come with.

    Could talk about this at length with you!

    Have torn hair at at times over this stuff!

  6. the excitement of the unexpected...

  7. A charming little adventure, both for you and your books.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx