Friday, April 6, 2012

four winds festival (a song about fish)...

Bermagui this afternoon

free concert on the oval to kick off Four Winds festival


(ooo purty... I spy some of Mister Jones handiwork)

a fishie made from shopping bags

sass lay on the ground doodling

EJ lay on the ground listening (and showing off her painted nails..... )

because Four Winds is all about THE MUSIC!

and this was the highlight - 
(no you can't see much on my i-phone pic... lucky I had the big camera with me...)

I give you - a recreation crowing of the 1958 Tuna Queen

('you are the tuna queen, young and free and only 17'..... ahhhh where would we be without ABBA) 

 made complete with hula hoopers, the akolele ukelele ladies, 
 bermy lifeguards, cabaret gal singers....
ooooo it was high camp and totally FAB 

hee hee hee

The Festival proper starts tomorrow at the Barraga Bay site 
now complete with beautiful sound shell 
(no I won't be going this time.... I have all that mulch to move.... le sigh)


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  1. The festival looks like so much fun Ronnie.
    Good luck with the mulch, I'm glad you have something bigger than a wheelbarrow to move it with. Thinking about how good it will look once spread out.


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