Monday, April 2, 2012

nava talks copyright... art life talks copyright......

Filed under - 'all creative folk should read this'..... two articles I've recently encountered that talk about copyright, art, art competitions and the web (and pinterest in particular)...... yes they are both aussie in origin and focus..... but the message should be loud and clear for all

'enter at your own risk' article by Tamara Winikoff - executive director of NAVA

'as granny used to say' by Sharne Wolff - the art life

(actually I was struck by the parallels in Wolff's blog post and my observations - it seems we are all seeing the same problem repeated over and over and over again..... le sigh)

ps in between reading and writing I'm presently painting the studio doors
in preparation for May 5th opening day - sneak peek coming soon...



  1. thank you very much indeed for those two links!

  2. Two very interesting articles, Ronnie, thanks for the links. I've been wondering about Pinterest, still not sure what I think, but I'm really pleased to read everything I find.


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