Friday, March 2, 2012

wet wet wet wet wet wet wet....

many folk in oz know 
its very very very WET in NSW right now..

Sams Creek today
flood waters around here rise quickly and recede quite quickly too
(this is WAAAAY lower than yesterday)

 dang the water is LOUD over the rocks!

I had to go to Bega today 

Bega river flooded yesterday (only minor floooding - river is now in smart retreat)
this is the still swamped playing fields under the Bega bridge
(or as farmer phil calls it - 'our old place'... 
yep this was his grandfathers farm up until the mid 1970s 
when the state government resumed the land to build the new bridge)

 yes I know - I'm taking pics while driving again...
I blame my father who used to simultaneously shoot video and drive AND talk on the CB radio .... 
bad dad

the bureau of meteorology (aka the BOM) 
predict more big rain tomorrow and sunday
la nina is certainly making her presence known!

we watch and wait


ps I got word yesterday that I have been shortlisted as a finalist 

small waa-hoo and happy dance



  1. Congrats on the shortlisting!
    Know the feeling of wet feet well this year! Hope you've got sturdy galoshes.

  2. wahoos indeed. go easy on the multi-tasking though...

  3. BIG congrats ronnie! Please be careful on the road tho' - we hear so many terrible stories in the news.

  4. Congratulations, Ronnie! That's sooo exciting. Dance away!!! Yep, the floods been exciting. Looks like the rain's gone...for today at least.

  5. yeeHAA!!! re: award. fingies crossed. i do it too, pics while driving, but it's really not the right thing to do. i say it here, but continue to partake as the addicted say.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx