Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hands up if you've watched/read/thought about 
the Occupy movement over the last few months?

(kinda hard not to notice wot?... its influence even found its way to Cobargo...

so have you also heard about Occupy Museums?
If you haven't encountered it -  here's what it's all about 

"Art and culture are part of the commons. Art is not a luxury item.

However, many art and cultural museums are currently run by and for the 1%. Economic interests dictate what art is accessible, successful, and desirable. Institutions often have board members who are part of the 1%. Galleries and museums increasingly operate as profit-driven business. In this system, money and power define what is art, and what is not. This system is cutting into the livelihoods of artists and art workers, and has emaciated the breadth of art available to the public. 

Occupy Museums seeks to occupy our art galleries, museums and cultural institutions with the ideas, values, histories and art of the 99%.  Like our government, which no longer represents the people, museums have sold out to the highest bidder. We are a direct action group within the Occupy Wall Street movement. We bring attention to the most glaring problems within the current system and imagine alternatives. At Occupy Wall Street, we are taking the steps toward a future where our cultural commons are truly shared not hoarded by the few.

Occupy Museums!"

and here's a sound bite from Barbara Pollack on Artnet....

"... Occupy Museums raises important questions. Why, for instance, does our highly developed art scene ignore important issues of financial and social justice yet deliver up spot paintings to great acclaim? Why cannot museums function as contemporary commons, rather than as reputation-laundering facilities for hedge-fund managers and corporations?"


"If you want to restore your sense that change is possible in the art world, I recommend that you check out Occupy Museums ... If you're too cold or old to come out to an action, or if you own a Damien Hirst, just pass this information on."


just thought I'd throw those bits into the ring for you all to mull over 
(that's what I get up to on my pretend days off!)

ps - this Saturday March 17
(aka St Pats Day)
all Gnomes and their friends are invited to 
a Gnome Party in Cobargo



  1. reminds me of bread and puppet's cheap art manifesto.

  2. I hadn't heard of bread and puppet so I did a quickie search (ahhhh gotta love the internits) - http://breadandpuppet.org/cheap-art-philosophy

    and yes I can see loads of cross overs....

    thanks for the nod V

  3. bread and puppet are neighbors (relatively-4-5 hours away) and WHAT a place!!! you and the kids would love it.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx