Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a little left of field...

Dear all....  

I'd like to share something that you might feel compelled to also share.


This is about mining our (aussie) farmlands - the damage it does to farmland and the environment, to families and rural communities. I'm lucky that our farm is not directly threatened (at the moment.... the big survey planes scanned our area for mining potential last year.... we seriously considered bringing out the shotgun and taking a potshot at the low flying bastards.... but I digress...)

For those of you not aware - Australian farmers do not own the mineral rights on their properties. This is controlled by the government (generally this means State government) - and the government can (as it does) give any company it favours open slather on our farms.  Our nation's prime farmlands are being turned into mining wastelands and farming families and rural communities are tossed aside without a thought (and even less financial compensation... not that your heritage has a price tag). All for a minuscule mining royalty (please follow the given links for all the facts and figures - including the percentage of overseas ownership of mining operations). It is a desperate and dreadful situation and one that I feel personally incensed by.

When Sophie asked if I would share a poster in support of the cause I agreed without hesitation. Later today I will be sharing this with my email contacts, my fb friends, and with tumblr and twitter followers, and I hope that some will stop and consider the plight of farmers and consider what all this mining means. I hope that many of you will stand in solidarity - show your support by spreading the message, or (for little aussies everywhere) contact your local state and federal member and demand immediate change.

This is not something that only affects a handful of farmers far from anywhere - this is (Y)OUR food supply, this is (Y)OUR land, this is (Y)OUR heritage, this is (Y)OUR future, this is (Y)OUR issue.

links with info and further ways to be involved:

ABC News
'Lock the Gate' Alliance
The Conversation
Six degrees
Get Up
You -Tube (aerial view of Tara in Qld - take a look at what gas seam mining means...)

(please feel free to share the info in this post with every person you know)




  1. Thanks so much for this Ronnie!
    Much appreciated!
    I've been reading about this same issue happening in the north of your state as well, with people there trying to organise information sessions and more so that the communities learn why its necessary to come forward.

  2. Yes this is dire! An artist friend of mine living on the outskirts of Kingaroy was threatened with this. You've so much info there I guess you've seen the film 'Lock the Gate - the coal seam gas mining situation in Qld' on youtube about Kingaroy, Dalby and Tara. Scary stuff! www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w5KpKe0ys4

  3. Being a Queenslander, I am only too aware of the implications of Coal Seam Gas extraction (but lets call it CSG 'cause it sounds so much less intimidating, doesn't it!). Frankly, I find the whole thing extremely disturbing and frightening and can't believe bureaucrats are willingly putting farming families, communities and the long term health of our environment at risk for the sake of licking overseas companies shoes and making a quick dollar. Their shortsightedness, selfishness and lack of respect astound me.

  4. Onya Ronnie !!!! Unless we speak out nothing will happen. Australia was built as a country of primary producers, now we are 'selling off the farm'... what sort of sense is that?

  5. Thank you for calling this to my attention! We have our own fracking issues going on in the US but this, this is shameful! The video link was appalling to watch. It really brought the issue to light and I hope everyone watches it.

  6. I can highly recommend that you watch a movie called GASLAND. Its an american one BUT its content and problems can relate to anywhere in the world, and its a shocking reality documentary on what coal seam mining does to the land and to the peoples lives. Thanks for the poster Ronnie.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx