Tuesday, March 6, 2012

after the rains (it's autumn)...

As farmers, we rise early - predawn most mornings
the big rains have now passed 
(temporarily we're told)
the mornings are getting crisp and are often foggy

phil leaves for the dairy in the dark - dropping sass up town first to swim laps
we girls come up later (for EJ to swim laps!  we have EXTREMELY sporty kiddies)

this morning at the end of our drive...

mmmmm I smell cool days ahead...

I have much exegesis writing to undertake in the coming weeks


some days I'd like to snuggle down under the blankets with a big book 
and spend the day lolling about reading..... 

oh what bliss!



  1. I agree, what bliss! I'd love to do the same. Good luck with your writing!

  2. this morning i contemplated just that, but instead, gird my loins (and everything else, it was 0 out) and went to work. we are such good girls! and the second photo, so lovely.


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