Thursday, March 8, 2012

blow hole...

 the kiama blowhole this morn (from inside the parked car!)
don't get me started on what we were all doing in such vile weather 
many miles from home....

its been a long day

but on our return I stumbled over an excellent post 
about pinterest and copyright:

food for thought wot...

(ps here's another interesting post discussing how to have your copyright images
removed from pinterest or other places...... juicy wot!)


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  1. Wow ronnie, loved the discussion about Pintarest and copyright. I must say I've been wondering how so many people, many of them BAO members have been able to put images and videos on their blogs which clearly do not belong to them. I wanted to do a post about the Henri Matisse drawing exhibition at GOMA in Brisbane but thought it would be too dreary without any pics but including some taken by someone else would be a copyright infringement. Like you, I have seen my work posted elsewhere (without credit), but even giving credit doesn't change the copyright infringement. I'll certainly be continuing to make sure that everything on my blog is my own work and when I refer to someone/something else it will only be with a link.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx