Friday, March 9, 2012

portrait of an exhibition opening...

Bega Valley Regional Gallery this evening...

Matt Jones (Mister Jones)
current FSCLAP scholarship recipient 


(if I spy correctly that's Genevieve Lacey
with a chuckling RADO Andrew Gray and the man of the hour Matt)

  portrait of mother and child

 portrait subject taking pic of portrait

portrait of 'birdie' watching the duel of the Nikons

(Stan - editor of Narooma News and I have a whole pile of pics 
of us both doing 'the dueling Nikons' at opening events.... )

Matt (and Miro) 
and Poppy (FSCLAP el presidente) 
and Karen (Narek Galleries and FSCLAP foundation member) 
with 'bunny' portrait



  1. Gorgeous photos, Ronnie. You were so quick at posting this!! Hope you're feeling better soon xx

  2. thanks kim - it was lovely seeing in 'in the flesh' - we'll have to do it again - soon!

    and even if everyone was sensibly keeping their distance from me it was a lovely opening don't you think? I'm trying to keep the kidlets outside and away from my germs today.... the last thing my two need is my dreadful head cold - Sass has three major carnivals to swim in over the next week



thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx