Sunday, November 13, 2011

an art gesture a day (aagad!) - day thirteen...

Girls only Road trip 

up and over the Very Big Hill

(aka Brown Mountain)

the Bega Valley from Piper's Lookout - top o' the mountain

running through the mountain wood paths

(finding things to photograph - can you spy EJ's i-pod camera?
on our trip she took pictures of sheep and windmills and power lines 
and the old train track and snow far away on the distant Snowy Mountains -
seeing the artyness in everything)

Over the very big hill is the Monaro  

flat and treeless plains, basalt soils, windswept, cold, sheep country, hard country

EJ in wedding mode 
(wandering the gardens - Lanyon Homestead.... EJ is art in motion...)


Today on the road home we bought fresh....

and made....

cherry earrings!

EJ cartwheeled
(EJ LOVES to cartwheel)

we both ate cherries

and we headed back down the very big hill...

home again



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  1. beautiful trip and oh, is that little girl something!


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