Saturday, November 19, 2011

an art gesture a day (aagad!) - day nineteen...

 late afternoon
colour pencil drawing of my favourite bird 
(a superb blue wren) 
on a spotted gum (jumping out of its bark!)

** for my dear supportive friend M 
(congrats on your birds in ABAJ)

EJ getting into the arty gesture 
(watching our kidlets inspired to make a small arty something alongside their mumma
is the very best thing to happen as a result of this funny arty exercise)

 I suspect EJ is the superior arteest in this household!

(ps - in case you are wondering about the numbers on EJ's arm -
we've been at a swim carnival all day today - all the kidlets at the carnival write their events on their arm 
so they know when to go to marshalling...)



  1. Your blue wren is lovely and what a great idea to invole the family.

  2. thanks penny for your kind words - the interesting thing that happens when you just do arty things around kidlets is - they just pick up whatever you are doing and mimic it (in their own fashion of course!) they think this is normal!

    and don't you just love that...

  3. i see your daughter is a leftie, good for art! and of course htey mimic, they're sponges. BOTH of mine have turned out artists...

  4. I wondered who would notice EJ's leftiness... she's a fierce one!

    (I was born a leftie.... made to write right after starting school, back to leftie in 4th class after a bad accident, then right again in 6th class...... I'm told that explains a LOT about me! hee hee hee)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx