Sunday, July 17, 2011


This afternoon 
quietly engrossed in a FABBO doco
(all about the Hamilton wood type museum and etc.)
on ABC1

'gosh my throat feels all scratchy'
'geez my eyes are stinging'

glance to the ceiling


smoke was pouring out of the front of our combustion heater

(cough cough cough cough)


fiddle door of fire box
(nope - still smoking)
kick flue of heater
(nope - still smoking)
try to find ladder to get on roof to check flue top... and to check ceiling cavity
(none around)
try calling my brother - he's Cobargo Rural Fire Service deputy legend....
and like our daddio - AFSM (Australian Fire Service Medal... life-term legend)
he knows what to do about all manner of FIRE!
(no answer)
called farmer phil

EEEEK! phil.... EEEEK!

called 000
'just tell them it's Rhonda Ayliffe's place - A.Y.L.I.F.F. (as in foxtrot) E
sams creek
trust me - they know where to go'

(cough cough cough cough)

a short time later - FP gets home
(cows left hanging in the dairy... kids left in the dairy with the cows!)
then the cobargo BIG truck turns up 
then brother-in-law (also a volunteer in the cobargo crew) turns up
then another small truck from diggies creek with another two volunteers
then the toyota with Roger
(who scrambled all the way from Yowrie - 16kms west of town in the bush... onya Rog!)

our fire heater flue had blocked over and caught on fire.... 
with some natty handiwork
from ron and tony and fiona and alan and chris and roger (and phil)
all was sorted

no damage done

(expect to my life expectancy!!)

(after the fire crews left for home,
FP conjured a homemade chimney sweep ... from a long pipe and a defunct mop
and gave the flue a solid chimney enema!)

major kisses and love to Cobargo Rural Fire Service
and kudos to all fire volunteers 
(these guys don't get paid to answer the call you know.... and today is Sunday!)

Australia's volunteer fire fighters 
all 200 000 of them
are bloody heroes!



  1. OMG!!! Glad to hear the RFS rushed to your rescue; my husband's family all are/were bush fire brigade people too, and yes, they are pretty damned amazing. So glad you're OK! Sara xx Hope you get the smoky smell out of the house soon...

  2. Wow. glad to hear the happy ending, and what a great bunch of people to help you out. Stay safe, sleep well.

  3. blimey! glad they were so quick; and I hope the nasty smokey smell disappears soon.

  4. Heh, hope it doesn't dampen your love of playing with fire... glad it turned out ok!

  5. Very moving R. So glad it was not worse. Fabulous photo, surely prize worthy??? Am going to look into the pod cast re, the ABC1 doco you were watching ... x gb

  6. Ronnie, I am so glad you are all well and sound! Thank God for your quick reaction and your wonderful fire brigade volunteers. Good luck in restoring whatever was damaged and most of all your sense of safe peace and quiet.
    Stay well!

  7. Yikes! So glad you are all okay. Yep, the volunteer firies and state emergency people are amazing! We'd all be lost without them, even us city-folk.

  8. Ronnie....
    you do do your share of wrangling all manner of things down there...
    Hooray for the fire fighters ...I could never be brave enough to do what they do ... So glad all ended well for you and family.
    No doubt you are still catching your breath thinking about it. Funny how quickly things can get out of hand before one notices... had a housefire myself in 2000... we lost half the house... Lucky to get out and ended up getting most of my stuff out the next day... sheer luck i didnt lose it al! The house was gone though!
    and you remain jittery long after...all volunteers in the emergency sector need our total admiration!
    S x


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