Thursday, July 28, 2011

better said...

(ooo my garden is so very neglected right now!)

This morning I read this post by Maddy Harland (editor of  Permaculture mag that is published in the UK and distributed worldwide)

Essentially she shared Duane Elgin's observation of the three main ways ways people are taking on the challenge of sustainable living and how the mainstream media is representing these....

here's the bit that really had my head bobbing up and down in agreement:
"Occasionally presented in the mass media and poorly understood by the general public is a conscious simplicity that represents a deep, graceful, and sophisticated transformation in our ways of living -- the work that we do, the transportation that we use, the homes and neighborhoods in which we live, the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear, and much more. A sophisticated and graceful simplicity seeks to heal our relationship with the earth, with one another, and with the sacred universe. Conscious simplicity is not simple. This life way is growing and flowering with a garden of expressions. Deep simplicity fits aesthetically and sustainably into the real world of the 21st century."

yep that's exactly what I'm interested in accomplishing in a wholistic manner with all our 'doings' ..... and Elgin has expressed things WAAAAY better than I can ever manage!

I think I'd like to read more from Elgin....

I know I want to DO a lot more...

talking of things to do - I have books and bags to pack (only 2 days until I hit the road for Byron Bay.... eeek!) I really should get to it eh?!



  1. Gorgeous photo!

    So much change in the air... hopefully!

  2. I love Permaculture Magazine - the doom and gloom stuff is always not just balanced but overwhelmed by positive reports and ideas. Not sure I needed to be reminded of Elgin and especially not provided with a link to Amazon =sigh= a Kindle is a dangerous tool. Click link, click kindle edition, click buy - and there it is in less that a minute.

    Despite the cost (buying books when I have plenty still unread) I enjoy your blog, which I've been following for a few months.


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