Saturday, July 30, 2011

early morning start...

It's dawn - and I spy another big frost

I'm packing up the car

with lots of books, a few gadgets, my all purpose arty toolbox,
a couple of making projects, a small case of clothes,
and gifts from the farm and garden

My very old (second hand, first generation) i-pod is loaded with hours of podcasts

I hit the road shortly - heading for the north of Sydney today
(about 450kms - 5ish hours drive)
then onwards to Byron Bay on Sunday
(I believe that's going to be a 10+ hour trip....)

I will only have my phone to connect to the webby world

so if the interweb gods are kind - I'll try mobile blogging over here


its time to kiss and hug the kids 
and check the oil in the car

lets go!


  1. Safe trip ronnie - we're all following your progress. I have troubles leaving my home too, so you are in my thoughts. Hope you have an amazing time. Wish I could make it to Byron to see you! xox

  2. Wishing you safe travel, and fun, fun, fun.

  3. Travel safe, look forward to hearing of your adventures


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx