Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm spending most of my time in the garden at the moment - planting so many seeds (mostly in our either our little or BIG vege garden).... sometimes I forget what I planted where - and I get a sudden surprise.... right beside my studio at the moment a little aussie native flannel flower has popped up from a seed I planted YEARS ago!

gosh its gorgeous (yep this is its actual colouring.... very minimalist....)

November is time for my spotted gums (Corymbia maculata) to shed their spots....

as their spotted bark peels back inside is an incredibly vivid green trunk....

 oooh look there's my little house as spied through the spotties.....



  1. That is really beautiful. A nice surprise. :-)

  2. I love those peeling trunks... I was once chased by a gardener at Oxford Botanic Gardens for peeling a bit of already peeling bark off a paperbark tree! Love the flannel flower - hey, maybe there's hope for all the seeds I planted ages ago that didn't come through? Have fun in the garden! Sara x

  3. Oh Ronnie I think flannel flowers are my absolute favourites and I've never lived anywhere they can grow! subtropical Maleny with its rain just isn't going to do it but you made my heart sing when i saw they grew at Sam's Creek - much happiness.


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