Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the interrupted book.....

I've just finalised plans for a little solo exhibition early next year..... it will mostly consist of works from my Master of Visual Arts (completed last year)...... but I'll sneak in a few newer surprises as well....  sooo here's a quickie preview of the vital details to put in your diary....

codex interruptum - the interrupted book

'book works' by Rhonda Ayliffe

Spiral Gallery
Church Street Bega

19 Feb - 9 Mar 2011

.... more details and the odd nervous breakdown to follow shortly!



  1. I wonder if I would be able to manage a small detour to Bega early next year...? Hmmm, it all sounds interesting! Well done Ronnie, Sara x

  2. Congrats Ronnie! It's a bit like snap again - our exhibition opens March 7! If we can wangle some work down your way we'll aim for that month!

  3. congratulations. now go to the studio and work!!!

  4. Mmmm, I'd like to get down there too. Sounds wonderful.


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