Sunday, November 14, 2010

in the BIG vegie patch.....

 Today was pumpkin planting day.... and we're getting serious about some of our vegie growing  - we've now got a BIG vegie patch (its over the road, down the hill about 500m from our house - on the flat bedside sams creek) for our pumpkins, potatoes, watermelons and rockmelons - (these plants don't need the daily harvesting and constant attention that other vege need but they do need ample SPACE)

We are planting only one variety of pumpkin in this field - Waltham Butternut  - cucurbits (eg pumpkins and squash) are notoriously promiscuous - by planting these a great distance from any other possible plants we can ensure they won't get up to any plant hanky-panky (I have promised the Bega Seedsavers a crop of pure butternut seeds....) 

  all hands to the tools - (at the far end of this field are our rows of potatoes - waiting to be hilled) -

FP and Sass made all the lovely mounds - then EJ planted all the pumpkin seeds (that's 25 mounds worth) all by herself.....

EJ's pumpkin seed planting tips:
poke a little hole - seed goes pointy end down - cover and pat down  - tell the little seed to grow

and EJ will tell you - it's three seeds to the mound

I don't think you're ever too young to learn where food comes from and how to grow it for yourself.



  1. Yes, you're so right about the kidlets learning where food comes from and the joy of growing it themselves. That's some big veggie garden you've got there. Lucky you have so many helpers. By the way, is FP going in for the fully automated dairy that I saw on ...LandLine, I think, yesterday?

  2. absolutely. i didn't garden with my kids, my mistake. we milked, sheared, combed, and pulled all fiber animals and plants (except the dairy goats) but i didn't grow veggies with them. bummer.

  3. Ronnnie - I now officially have pumpkin envy! We thought we had done well with our 140+ this season; but clearly we weren't even trying. I just love knowing that the food I eat has been grow so close to home; has shared our sun and our rain and has emerged from our good earth.It's a great gift to give your children.


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