Sunday, November 7, 2010

life is good...

.... if you're a cat here at the creek

the three musketeers (clockwise from the bottom.... Dante (brown Burmese.... known to those who ran him out of town as 'the dreadful' we've found he's really 'the delightful'), Rocky (lilac-point Burmese... and Dante's less smarty 'cousin'), Boots (tabby of questionable breeding but great intelligence.... and also of great appetite)

Next time around I'm coming back as an extremely pampered, overfed, puddy-tat..... 

geeez but it's tough to be a cat in our household!


  1. Life looks good in your house. Beautiful furry friends.

  2. what a cuddly, furry, and so affectionate (at least with each other) trio! Love the picture and the opportunity to get to know you a little bit more!!!

  3. Hey! We snuggle-up like that, too. Speshly on rainy days like this.

  4. Love your furry friends! I can see it's a high class establishment - I don't expect pedigrees on a farm.


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