Monday, November 15, 2010

heads and tails....

Gentle rain began falling just after our little pumpkin seeds went in yesterday (yay!) so I've been back inside thinking book-thoughts again - I found this old worksheet of mine tucked away in my course notes (Dip of Western Calligraphy course that is!)..... and as it's better than anything I'd be able to manage these days to explain the parts of a book - I thought I'd share it mostly for those who may not have encountered terms like 'head', 'tail' 'spine' etc in conjunction with books.....

now you'll know what I mean when I talk about trimming the tail of your text block!



  1. Cool! I've been battling with all that just this afternoon... For once you have the rain and we have the sunshine, so I've been out planting trees again. Have fun, Sara x

  2. Great descriptions! Keep at it. And GO the pumpkins.

  3. Thanks Ronnie - I am not sure I would pass a test yet and don't think I've come across the explanation of a shoulder before - but it's great to see such a simple one pager that tells it all. Thanks again. F


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