Thursday, August 12, 2010


(click the pic for a bigger view)

My piece 'orbis floris - (world flower)' is a part of this small exhibition - if you are in Melbourne you might like to drop into Artisan Books and check the show out (apparently there are about 31 works from around Australia and abroad). In the past Artisan Books has created an online gallery featuring their annual book arts exhibition - you can check out their 'exhibition' section to see past themed shows (and maybe this one will pop up there in the not too distant future)



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  2. Well done Ronnie! I love the fact that this shop which focuses on craft/art books, puts their money where their mouth is, and supports artists by having these shows. And these book ones are of course my favourite! Probably won't get down to see this one, which may be just as well, stepping into that shop is a costly affair for those of us with poor self control!


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