Monday, August 23, 2010

donkeys rule!

Gosh - who would have thought that oz politics could be so exciting!  certainly not little-ole me with my little-ole donkeys!

As well as telling you guys here all about my donkeys - I told all my friends in in facebook land - and in that forum I had friends who laughed aloud, but also many who questioned what I was up to (and I could sense the disapproving looks of a few) - later on Saturday evening I posted the following on my facebook donkey album and I thought it was worth repeating verbatim here.......

"for all of you who 'liked' my donkey pics - thanks..... you got the spirit of the affair (its all about a bit of a laugh - for if you can't laugh at these things it will all get a bit too serious eh?) those who know me know that I genuinely respect the right of every person to hold their own political view - that irrespective of whether your politics lean left or right (or falling down drunk) I'm there with you... holding your hand, holding the hanky, holding the glass of celebratory champagne (drinking YOUR glass of celebratory champagne no doubt)

operation donkey brought together the left and right of cobargo politics in a way I could never have foreseen - BOTH sides of politics were wary of the donkey..... and they bonded in their distrust of the donkey .... was the donkey there to bring them down? was the donkey a comment about them? was it a subversive movement to encourage swinging voters to do the wrong thing and (gasp) throw away their precious vote in wanton informal vote?

the donkey was basically none of these.... it was an arty intervention brought to you by the smarty-arty-farty party

hope your team wins tonight (sorry - but I still hold by my conviction that by morning we will have yet another ass in the PM chair.....)"

It's now Monday morning - and as I type we still don't know who will ascend to the throne - the balance of power in oz politics is in the hands of a few independents....

golly, but isn't this exciting?!



  1. What a mess!But I'm pleased to see that the Greens have picked up more followers.
    And, should there have to be another election...I'll be pasting donkeys all over town!

  2. Go, the donkeys! It is a mess but as you say, still exciting. If there'd been a result, it would all be over now, and some of us would be exultant and the rest of us pouting. We'll still end up like that but we can enjoy the suspense a bit longer.

  3. I'm so with you with the donkey-party. I live in Belgium where we seem to have elections every other year because of the government failing to do what they are supposed to do. I went to vote (compulsory) in the beginning of June and we still don't have a government. I might take even a few more months apparently. Sad sad politics!
    May the best one win!


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