Saturday, August 21, 2010

is all the (oz) election hype getting you down?

well its been getting me down...

so - at 4am this morning, armed only with some newspaper cut-outs, wheat paste, chalk and a beanie - I headed up to town to bring a bit of cheer into the hearts of weary little cobargo voters......

and if you happen to find yourself in the small township of Cobargo today you may stumble across a 'special' little something-something....


yep, it's a few hundred up-cycled newspaper cut-out donkeys.... pasted all over the town paths - naturally I had them arranged to usher the crowds into the cobargo polling booth.... which of course sent the poor polling booth overseer into mild cardiac arrest at 6am (just kidding! it did however send him off to his rule book and he was ready to enforce a '6m rule'....)

a compromise was reached - my donkeys made it within the 6m ban - but not to the door (as I argued - 'hey man, it's only arrrrrrt - it's not like I'm spruiking for one of the parties!)

ahhhhhh - go to work my little donkeys.....

oh and a few donkeys managed to escape the paths and climbed the poles...

I hereby proclaim 'operation donkey' a resounding success - much fun and merriment was had by all (well, at least by ME!) and as I've been reminding folk far and wide for ages.... regardless of how things go down in the polls this evening, tomorrow we will wake up with an ass as the next PM......

show you know - VOTE DONKEY

** no real donkeys were harmed in the construction of 'operation donkey'



  1. I LOVE IT! Haha, it made me SMILE big time! You're super, Ronnie, just amazingly insanely crazy and lovely!
    Thanks for the smiles - I would have loved to see people's faces! :)

  2. Okay! Thank goodness for people with a sense of humour, Ronnie, namely you! I've completely lost mine at the thought of possibly having Tony as PM, but I certainly think every polling place should have donkeys leading us in to vote. To raise my spirits I bought chocolate crackles, cup cakes and shortbread from the school cake stall but now, at 5 pm, the sugar hit has evaporated and I think a glass of wine isn't far away.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx