Sunday, August 29, 2010

short 'n sweet

spring is almost upon us... so saith my peach trees!

I've had one of those nice week's this week..... amidst the huge life upheavals currently being navigated, I received a couple of bits of nice news..... there was of course the delivery of the current issue of sustain magazine...... within the week I also received news that my work has been selected for a forthcoming book on contemporary Australian and New Zealand calligraphy (and given that I submitted virtues and vices I'm MIGHTY surprised that the editors have taken the very brave leap to include me!). The book, being produced by the ASC, is slotted for limited release somewhere near the end of the year.... so I'll let you know all about it when I get my complimentary copy.

The bigger news was (drum roll please) I've been shortlisted for the Basil Sellers Art Prize...... wheeeee! again it's a looooong wait (the award is in October) and I don't hold out any hope of collecting the $15 000 prize (oh, but I can dream about how lovely it would be can't I?) I am however mighty thrilled to be a finalist - and again mighty surprised (I think my face has had a permanent 'HUH?' look to it this week)



  1. Congrats to you, Ronnie.Even to make a short list in these rarified circles is worth a celebration.
    (raises glass in ronnie's direction)

  2. soooo deserved (that is Ronnie speak)!!!! well get back to the farming.
    seriously though...CONGRATULATIONS.

  3. Oh Ronnie what terrific news! TWICE! Congratulations! I've been following up the gorgeous calligraphy links you gave me a few months ago and plan to start a month of "experimenting" in a few days. So is the Basil Sellers prize the one about sport? What was your sport? Hurling books???Tehe!Good luck and have a lovely time, basking in your recognition.

  4. thanks for the congrats ya'll

    I think there are a variety of arty awards with 'basil sellers' in the title...this one is a local(ish) version for contemporary art - any form (no its not sport..... unless book burning is now a sport?)

    you'll have to do a calligraphy show and tell amanda when you get to playing some more - I'll be keeping my eyes open for evidence of your play!

    now- back to farming!

  5. Congratulations Ronnie on your achievements, re awards etc. I must plead ignorance where the Basil Sellars Art Prize is concerned as I haven't followed this particular art trail, but I am getting there. A whole new world I think!! is opening up to me here . Good luck with the Australian and New Zealand calligraphy one too and I must seek those site out to read as I am doing it with the U3A group this year and do love the arty side of it. It has really made me appreciate the actualwriting of a letter. Best of luck Alison.

  6. Fantastic! And I reckon you've got a great chance of winning, so there.


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