Tuesday, July 20, 2010

orbis floris (world flower)

Over the past 24hrs I have been making and binding like a little demon.... trying to complete a piece for 'Atlas' - the annual artists books exhibition at Artisan Books in Melbourne. The deadline for images and details is close of today or tomorrow.... and I had forgotten all about the event until ummmmm yesterday! so needless to say I had to get busy and work FAST!

Phew - I got it finished and pics sent away (and it's already confirmed as one of the selected pieces..... double phew!)

Orbis Floris (World Flower)
approx 34cm dia and 5cm 'high'

My 20 word art statement (yes - just twenty words..... gulp) to go with this piece reads:

"Created from a reclaimed atlas and inspired by permaculture, 'Orbis-floris' is an exploration in material, form and technique."

(and by now most regular readers would know that the 'exploration' pun was intended... hee hee hee)

(detail shots)

And talking of regular viewers - you folk will no doubt see that this piece owes its construction to all those circular coptic bound forms that I have been playing with.... even if I haven't come up with a pain-free (or profanity-free) method of making, I think I've managed to iron out some of the pesky problems for a more 'finished' piece here..... so I'm feeling rather happy with myself this afternoon......

time to go play with the kidlins who have just returned from a hard day at school (the first of the new term)



  1. This is really gorgeous Ronnie. Love all the colours peeking out.

  2. Gorgeous! Just how do you do it...? By which I mean of course how do you find the time to do ALL you do AND conceive/create beautiful books? I am in awe-struck, as usual. Sara x

  3. Ronnie, I do wish you were not at the end of the country - I'd really like to see how you do that stitching. Yes, I did try chain stitching, but only on a bigger piece which I then turned. But how the beejeezelhoop do you stitch so small!

  4. fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!u!!!!!!!!!!!!lous

  5. thanks everyone - I always appreciate that you spend the time to have a look at the things I do and then leave such supportive comments.....

    I wish you were all close by - not only would you see that it's not miraculous how I stitch these - just funny to watch and nor is my work effort awe-inspiring (only that my house generally looks awe-full - doing minimal housework is my 'secret' to finding time to work!)

    hee hee hee (better go do those dishes that have been sitting in the sink all day!)

  6. That's really gorgeous! Nice to see coptic being used creatively!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx