Saturday, December 17, 2011

'tis the season...

the mad flurry of things before Christmas

cleaning house

working in the garden

end of year activities for the kidlets


Today we put up our Christmas tree...

it's not a designer job - but one that holds a mishmash collection of multi-coloured memories - kidlets dough decorations from preschool, paper angels with wonky wings, a beautiful glass bauble that doesn't match anything else..... ahhhhhhh that's our tree!

Our kidlets are super duper excited about Christmas - but in a sweet way - (they've never been the type to make a list of things for santa.... and subsequently are thrilled by anything in their small collection under the tree) - Christmas highlights for all of us are my family's Christmas Eve party in the park (I wrote all about this quite lovely tradition two years ago) and the huge Christmas gathering at Farmer Phil's family home over the paddock (usually 80+ family members - it's a monster!)

Right now I've got two pavlovas cooking in the oven and 5 jars of lemon butter (aka lemon curd or lemon cheese) cooling on the bench... I'm presently eschewing artiness (just for a couple of weeks... I'm brewing up an arty flurry, including those promised art musings that I'll be posting first thing in the new year)

Right now I'm channeling my inner domestic goddess and garden nymph instead.... and loving it!



  1. oh domestic goddess and garden nymph, i want to be in your kitchen! yum! our trees were always simple, funky, and just fine. i still have some of the kids' ornaments. this year, though, no tree, no kids, home.

  2. oh, i forgot to say a very happy holiday.

  3. Christmas!! Yes! Love your kids decorations. For some reason this year I feel distinctly very Christmassy and loving it, although I totally ran out of time to make and send cards..... unlike you.... thanks by the way...


  4. I visited your two years-old post and was touched by the story. A wonderful tradition, started so humbly. Keep it up Ronnie. Hope it goes on forever. Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

  5. Happy Christmas Ronnie! Thanks for your card - mine is on its way - and enjoy yourself! Looks like you're going to have fun...

  6. Ronnie I have just read your story of two years ago and have to say "keep up the good work" traditions are meant to stay.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. One of the things I love about Christmas these days is seeing how other families celebrate, what their traditions are and especially what foods are part of those traditions. In Australia everyone seems to have made up their own menus and they hold as dearly as if they were centuries old. I love it! I would *never* think of pavlova for Christmas! Go Ronnie!

    And thank-you so much for your card. It was such a lovely surprise! Hope you & yours have a wonderful Christmastime. xox

  8. Hi Ronnie - the food the tree and all the rest seem like a fun time, filled with all that Christmas time should be.

    Domestic goddessing is a nice thing to do as well as garden nymph - time enough for the art in 2012. Enjoy the season and the celebrations.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx