Friday, December 2, 2011

also last month...



whatta month!

(waaaaaaay behind schedule - work on my neglected studio is FINALLY starting.... with the garden path)

I was mucking around with 'an art gesture a day'

and then there were all the 'other' bits:

(kidlet wrangling, gardening, beetroot preserving, mulberry jamming, lemon cleaner making, crochet shawl a-finishing,
dress pattern a-buying, job interview a-going, and a partridge in a pear tree)

and all through last month I did some serious thinking on lots of arty topics
(but more about that next time....)

yesterday I joined twitter (I'm officially a TWIT)

and farmer phil FINALLY started the long delayed project
of preparing my little studio for public visitations

fingers crossed for a May opening 
(yep - 12 months behind schedule.... ahh well... 
one must be philosophical about these things...)

** ps - I suspect FP has taken inspiration for the path from my book work (see below...)


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