Wednesday, December 28, 2011

its a wrap...

The year is rapidly drawing to a close
 and what a big year 2011 turned out to be....

new directions on the farm

an art residency

I got to tick off quite a few things on my 'to do list' (quite a few things remain uncompleted - but that's ok.. I don't make lists to make myself feel bad when I can't do everything, I make them to help me keep track of what I want to get done)

2011 has not been all sunshine, flowers and rosy drops: we've had a very tough year on the farm (something I don't talk much about.... but let's just say - our backs are to the wall - this is as tough as it gets....) and a few weeks ago my best mate Pete (who is nearing 70) was diagnosed with a rare but dreadful form of dementia..... it's hard to talk about such things.... so I generally don't. I'll talk here of positive things instead - like some of the year's highlights: getting to meet fellow BAO peeps at Impact 7, and others in Bega at my solo show, my month of arty gestures, and volunteer work on a couple of local arty committees all rate a high mention.

The most fulfilling thing of 2011 was my limited involvement in the local koala survey and subsequently the ANU arty exchange.

Favourite new books for my library (and remember I don't really 'do' fiction) - India Flint's 'Second Skin',  Kate Herd's 'Kitchen Gardens of Australia', and 'Book Art' . Favourite finds - gorgeous bloggy peeps Velma and Anna, and some wonderful podcasts from - sustainable world radio, book artists and poets, arts and healing, treehugger, philosophy bites.... (hours of listening fun!)

But the best thing of the year (of every year) has been spending extra time with our kidlets (gosh they are growing up fast!) - they are such happy, healthy little creatures (sorry if my 'proud mumma' tattoo is too obvious!)... having kidlets is a great reality checker...

I'm hoping and planning for a quieter time in 2012 - I'm going to spend serious time in the studio working away on the Higher Degree research project - and (fingers crossed) I might FINALLY get the studio and garden open in May 2012 (a year behind schedule.... oh well...).

 all week long - including Christmas Day, FP has been creating formwork 
for that loooooong awaited path to the studio....

First thing in the new year I'm going to write a little more about art, the universe and everything (as previously promised/threatened). Late January I've booked into a 3 day food forest workshop at a local permaculture property (oooo excitements!). I've committed to another round of BAO (so the making of another small edition of books is in my future) and I anticipate launching into a weekly dose of arty gestures.  I've got a few other exciting things in the works - but it's too early to tell much about these yet.... here's a tiny pictorial hint of one thing santa bought me that I'm hoping to press into action this year...

Thank you to everyone who has dropped by here, sent notes or vibes of support or joined in the merriment over the past year - its been so lovely getting to know you!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. you are big to stay positive; that's a challenge but you shoulder it gracefully. and happy and healthy children--what a blessing! thanks for being a constant, bright star out in the world and happy new year.

  2. ahhh thanks aimee - you're v. kind - finding and visiting your lovely blog has been another highlight of my (bloggy) year!

  3. I certainly hope the Universe is kinder in 2012!
    I have enjoyed discovering your blog and viewing all your wonderful art projects (as well as absorbing tales about your country life), so it was with much delight that I discovered we will both be contributers in Group 3 of BAO. Being a newby I hope I am able to soar somewhere near the same lofty heights you seem to achieve with your work and attitude to life!

  4. Happy finish to 2011 Ronnie and may 2012 be a fabulous creative and kind year. It has been lovely to continue to grow the interwebby connections and even do facetime in realtime! Looking forward to where it all goes next and I hope the farm world stops being so rough on you guys for a bit!

  5. What a lovely end of year post - so good to see all that you have achieved. Sorry to hear about your friend - dementia is such a horrible disease.
    Good luck with your plans for 2012. May it be a happy, healthy, creative and successful year for you and your family. Great meeting you. xxx

  6. What a busy year in all fronts! Congratulations on all your achievements in all your incredibly meaningful "worlds": family, art, farm!
    Ronnie, it's been so lovely knowing YOU;
    I wish all good tides to come your way in 2012.

  7. well, ronnie, to think that our paths have crossed invisibly now, but in summer, perhaps visibly, well that is just wonderful. i love reading about your world.

  8. Happy New Year, Ronnie.Health, happiness and maybe just a little wealth. To help things along, y'know.

  9. Phew Ronnie... thats a lot to fit into one year!!
    With family and study and creating and writing and keeping connected to all the commitments... getting to open the garden/studio would be huge.You need another you on hand!
    Blessings on all in your world... I'm sure that 2012 will be inspiring indeed... and we will get to enjoy reading the posts about your wonderful journey.

  10. thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words... its a beautiful warm new years day here at the creek - the sort of day that makes you believe that ANYTHING is possible!

    new years greeting to all xxx


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx