Sunday, December 11, 2011

A*B*C in the garden today...

Arrowroot waiting to be planted


Beetroot and Carrot
(and rockmelon and watermelon
and salad greens and pumpkin
and so many more)
seeds to sow

whenever I find a departed wing I think of this from Rabindranath Tagore:

'The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough' 


 Eggs (Fresh!) for lunch

Grevillea and Helichrysum - an Indigenous sub-species
(did you see how I sneakily snuck that 'i' in there?


Japanese Maple and Kangaroo Paw 
(a favourite treat for the Eastern Spinebill)

Lichen on Melaleuca bark


Naughty Sarah sitting On (eg squashing) the Peppermint Pelargonium!
(sooo very NAUGHTY! and by her expression you can tell she KNOWS it's naughty!)

 Quince leaf with hole


Raspberries - the first of the season
(file under YUM!) soon we will be swimming in the delicious berries


Sandpit and abandoned Tractor

Unfinished business 
(that path to my studio still hasn't been started... sigh.. 
file under -Very frustrating)


there's Whipper snipping to do EVERYWHERE!

 %$#*#$ STINK BUGS ON MY CITRUS!!!!!!!!!!  
(an X-rated response)
die you horrid bugs DIE!

 Yellow Dahlia...
(file under 'things that make me smile')


(Brimmer agrees it's been a busy day)



  1. WONDERFUL!!! (especially the naughty border collie.)

  2. What a full of everything alphabet!
    Touches of paradise, life and death... it couldn't be more complete!!!

  3. what fabulous images Ronnie...
    what a treat to view these... like the subjects very much....but the way that effect pushes the image somewhere else!

  4. Gorgeous Ronnie - a lovely alphabetical wander thru your day; it looked delightful!

  5. and it should be a book! just sayin'

  6. and again, an abecedarium... (i can't spell that right or not???)

  7. hee hee heee - I don't know the spelling either - but I reckon you must have caught some of my random thoughts - 'cause the word 'abecedarium' was rattling around my head as I nodded off to sleep last night!

  8. Hi Ronnie, I missed this post when it came out last week but it's wonderful! Sara x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx