Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Adventures of EJ and Archie...

won't you please all say g'day to the newest member of our household


or - to be more exact
(Jack Russell Terror.... yes you read that right... TERROR) 

Archie is EJ's very first fur baby 
(don't you love the name she has given him?)
what a delightful
(and delightfully WICKED)
little man he is

Archie is a Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) 
he is now almost 12 weeks old and he joined our gang just over a week ago
after almost a year searching for
just. the. right. mini-hound.

WHAT and action-packed time he has had already!

EJ & Archie at Parkrun 

EJ & Archie at hockey

(hey Archie - where's EJ?)

EJ & Archie at soccer

EJ & Archie at cross country


I think you can see why it took us a while 
to find just the right mini hound for our maxi sport grrrrrrrrl

and how perfect the breed choice is...

EJ is the human version of a Jack Russell!

But its not all sport sport sport sport sport 

a grrrrrrl has to feed and clean and train her fur-baby

so far Archie has learned his name and to come on command
he has learned to sit 
(including for his meals - without prompts either -- good boy!)

he has learned to travel and settle quietly in his HUGE crate
(he gets to sleep beside the grrrl child in his crate --- lucky boy!)

he has learned that balls at WONDERFUL fun
EJ is now teaching him to fetch and return items 
and to play soccer 
with a full sized football 
(good grief !!!!!!!!)

and he has also learned to snuggle for lovely laps.... 

sweet dreams



thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx