Friday, April 22, 2016


Anyone who has been following my little insta space would have noticed

I'm doing things with (and to)
 those books in my collection again...


just small things

booky and ephemeral things

 interacting and collaborating with nature

and creating things that speak of my dual interests in knowledge and place

instagram makes sharing and interacting so easy -
no downloading, resizing, uploading, arranging etc etc ---- wheeeeeee
(which of course means I've been neglecting this space somewhat)

I've dropped a few things in here so those not on IG (or farcebook)
know I'm alive and well (and flexing my ephemeral arty muscles again!)

ahhhhhhh its good to be home.


  1. a beautiful building of words and images to that magical last photograph!

  2. I love it all here Ronnie - more of a story told somehow, I see it together and understand more...

  3. Wow! Beautiful photos and gorgeous work Ronnie. I've only joined Instagram relatively recently and must admit I am enjoying it. I have just started following you. All the best, Angela :-)

  4. i just love that snail interactive piece!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx