Friday, March 29, 2013

good every day...

Every day is a good day if you've got a good book 
(or two or three or four or....)

This Easter long weekend I'm trying to eke out a few extra moments
 to dip into my (newish) book pile...

(some are eye candy, some are brain food)

oooo I'm looking forward to really studying 
the fabulous 'Melliodora' - the large scale book of plans from 
David Holmgren and Su Dennet's permaculture garden at Hepburn.... 

So much of my reading in the last few years has been research for my Higher Degree
(oh boy!) not that I don't love dipping into things like this week's reads -

 (which is a very interesting rethink of how an economy can operate
on a local rather than global scale and why that's important)

Edible Park by Nils Norman

(permaculture as art as garden - oh yessssssssss!)

and I just finished re-reading Robert L. Thayer's excellent 

ahhhh but I am longing for the time 
when I can just wander through the book pile with total abandon

(*one day* I'll get around to sharing some of my favourite bits from my favourite books....)

and talking of making time for favourites

if I'm a very good girl maybe I'll find a few minutes to revisit another favourite on DVD

The Good Life on Good Friday

oh goody!

*wishing you all a peaceful Easter



  1. ronnie, it's delightful to spend time with good books...isn't that why we make so many of them? i'd forgotten it was easter/passover time, in my eagerness for spring break! happy to yu, too.

  2. Ooh yes, I want to read Millie Ross's book too! I'm afraid I sat down with the new Rebus novel and had fun that way... :-)


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