Sunday, March 3, 2013

busy busy (end of summer)

a busy summer is drawing to a close

I've spent that last 2 months holed up writing, writing, writing that MFA exegesis
(still oodles to do - but I can see light at the end of the tunnel...)

which is more light than I see most mornings

we rise predawn every morning...

to milk the cows and get the kiddies off to swim training before school...

(freaky fish kidlets)

My poor garden has been more than just neglected in the summertime rush - 
its been positively abandoned

but I've been pickling the odd things that survived my neglect
like the Italian white and purple garlic...

 In other news - earlier in February 
Honey-hound had to spend time at the vets thanks to a nasty abscess 
(naughty Sarah-woof had a nibble on Honey-hound's rear end and an infection took hold)

 note the hound is wearing the 'cone of shame'
poor hound

But soon she was back to her wickedy best 

honey hound with pilfered tome and shaved bottom
(oooo the shame! the shame!)

In other exciting (and LOUD) news

Sass FINALLY got his fingers onto that sax 
He has been hankering to learn to play the sax for more than 2 years

oh boy! (he's LOVIN' the alto sax! its LOUD!!!!)

 EJ has started on flute - so cute

I love their strange sounds and smiley faces

In between honks and hoots and howls
is the hum of the dehydrator

what a revelation home dried fruit is!

I've been cranking out tonnes and tonnes of
dried apples and nectarines from the orchard
I've even dried a whole tray of over-ripe mangoes that we purchased CHEEEEEEP



summer is drawing to a close



  1. That's a rich life. And go the sax - mine keeps me sane...I think

    1. I suspect I'm going to be driven quite mad by the saxy, flutey noises around here... but they are having such a magnificent time... at least I'll go crazy happy!

  2. dried mango ..oooooo love. and love too those blurry playing images...right off the albun cover !
    indeed as india says , a very, very rich and full life.

  3. You have been quieter than usual ronnie and it's great to know that you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with your MFA exegesis. As you've shown with all your news life just goes on regardless. Keep enjoying it.

  4. Ah th light at the end of the tunnel...there's no prettier light. Good luck Ronnie!

  5. kudos for MFA's .... gooooooo forth. EXCEL!

    As for all the lyrical ramblings of summer drawing to a close down there, have you any idea of the *Chinese torture* of those words considering my current particular hemispheric WET.MUDDY.DREARY location?!?!? harumphfffffff. You are promptly forgiven due to the dried apples ;>]]]]]]]

  6. sweet doings at the crick (yep, that's north country for creek).

  7. I love these glimpses into your life in the real country (as opposed to my living in a road that is called 'rural'). Those photos of the kidlets and their instruments are truly beautiful! Our little girls are learning piano and Eddie is showing a great desire to learn the ukelele. We'll be learning together I think. Yes, end of summer, and autumn is most welcome. Ronnie, so good to know you can almost see the end of the MFA exegesis. What a trooper you are!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx