Wednesday, September 12, 2012

who's been nesting on my pond?

I spy a nest in the rushes.... 

its a pair of black swans

 swan one

 swan two

all change!

 (its time for swan one to sit on the eggs.... 
and as its late afternoon I suspect this might be the female - taking up the night duties)

 first one has to dry off a little (shake and preen, shake and preen)


 egg warming position assumed

black swans have been nesting on the farm for a couple of decades now 
- but I never tire of the excitement 
waiting for cygnets to hatch
hoping the parents can protect them from foxes 
(and crows and eagles and accidents) 

fingers crossed for this clutch



  1. such wonderful birds, and so elegant. lucky you to follow them for so long.

  2. Fingers crossed indeed...what glorious photographs.

  3. How amazing - having black swans on your property! Great photos, too.

  4. How loving to have swans nesting on your property. Beautiful pics! Do they stay there all year round?

  5. How fantastic that you are able to capture this beauty on camera and then share it with us...growing up in WA I love the black swan. x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx