Tuesday, September 18, 2012

into the red...

currently binding my favourite colour
into the very looooooong book

hey - is that the word 'immigrants' poking out on the spine?
how strangely serendipitous...

** ps on a break from all the stitching I stumbled over
 a FANTASTIC art essay by John Kelly

run don't walk - read it now!




  1. took your advice and went and did the required reading


    it's a curious whirled.

  2. its a bit a of a loooong read .... I think I'll give out little cyber stars for anyone who gets all the way to the end...

    what you find curious of the art whirled india I just see as corpulent and corrupt..... ahhhh geeez is my cynicism showing again?

  3. Have just read the essay to the end, and out of curiosity I did go to see the Damien Hirst Retrospective at the Tate Modern in June. It's big business, he's a brand and for me it was sterile and didn't have much to do with what I consider art to be. My husband hated it and said it was such a con and regretted constantly that he was foolish enough to spend money going to see it.

  4. Yes its a looooong read...but I made it! There's a lot I could rave on about in response (I also saw Hirst at the Tate this year) but basically i think "the big end of town" galleries are equivelant (and maybe part of, if Kelly is right) to the 1% who have 25% of the wealth (or whatever it is). And just about as relevant when it comes to all the real artists out there. I mean people who are passionate about whatever they create, making sacrifices every day and sharing their work in whatever way and with whom ever they can. The massive community of artists on the internet has shown me this. That other stuff isn't art, its business, politics, but not art or real life either.

    And if I get hung up on the lack of fairness in the whole deal, I like to remember Dorothy Parker's comment “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.” ; D

  5. A few times I found my stress levels rising but I read to the end. Interesting, illuminating, and Dorothy Parker was right. Thanks Ronnie.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx