Saturday, August 11, 2012

whatta week of postal wonders...

Waiting for collection at the Post Office this week --- 

Uni library books (always good), 
a gift from Fiona (what a surprise!), 
the first booky treat (from Robyn) as part of the latest BAO edition 
(I'm not going to spoil the surprise and share piccies of her work just yet!)

and then there was something truly WOW

a fat little envelope from Ireland

(what could this be? --- shake shake shake --- squeeze squeeze --- rip ---tear)


It's a double DVD set from Denis in Dublin!

9 hrs of calligraphic goodness

oh my!

Now I've previously shared how Denis Brown was my primary calligraphy teacher/mentor (waaaaaaay back in the dark ages.... ie the early 1990s!) and we've kept in contact ever since (as you do... and social media for all its reported icks is wonderful for rekindling or retaining connections)

This morning I noticed that Denis has uploaded a fantastic extended video to youtube that comprehensively introduces his revolutionary educational program....


oh my!!!

(did you watch the clip all the way through?
yes its nearly 30mins - but by golly it's a tempting morsel isn't it!)

I can hardly wait until I get through to the end of my Higher Degree so I can immerse myself in the whole 9 hrs worth of video instruction and inspiration... (and I promise I'll tell you all about full program then). I do know that from the first moment I heard that Denis was putting together an educational program I KNEW it was going to be something special - something revolutionary (and not just in terms of calligraphic content) ---  and it IS!

mmmmmm calligraphy in the hands of a master is mighty mighty good



  1. Wow indeed, I'll have to check it out ronnie. Does this mean you'll be sharpening the William Mitchell nibs and getting out the ink?

  2. wow, you hit pay dirt! excellent stash of treasure, for sure.

  3. Wow! what a lovely week you've had - better than Christmas! The DB dvds look amazing - definitely one for the wishlist. Lucky you!

  4. Denis' DVD set is really worth investigating for anyone with a vague interest in anything calligraphic (I'm really looking forward to looking through the 'guest' artists interviews - with thomas ingmire, brody, yves, sheila and julian waters..... WOW and WOW again!)

    mmmm all this calligraphic goodness certainly DOES have me looking at my nibs with itchy fingers.... but as for what the future holds? who knows

  5. Thank you! This is my work you are talking about, so kindly! I like the "you hit pay dirt!" comment especially, Velma. FYI sharpening a Mitchell nib is all about giving yourself to controlled preciseness. I'd recommend chucking the Mitchell's and taking up a stronger nib so you can be more dynamic in putting pressure on, when it feels right. Brause nibs are my usual weapon of choice, after I BLUNT them a bit, believe it or not. At speed, one wants to glide, not to cut... LOL... I'm only a small part teasing- all is explained in my DVDs ;-)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx