Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thanks to my generous mate Gemma - I've been invited to teach at Sturt Winter School (July 2-6 2012)...

I've suggested a rather open-ended, free-wheeling workshop I've called TEXT-u-alise!

here's what its all about...

 ('Maternal Instinct 3' - mixed media collage from 2005... I think!... 
wellll at least it kinda illustrates SOMETHING of my approach to 'text' in art...)

TEXT-u-alise with Rhonda Ayliffe

"A guided exploration of the potential of TEXT in art: Using personal handwriting as a departure point, participants will be encouraged to explore various ideas and techniques to include text in artwork – including free lettering, collage, stamping, embossing, transfer and of course calligraphy (instruction will be individualised to cater for beginners to advanced calligraphers)

We will try various traditional (eg paper, stretched canvas) and non-traditional (wood, stone, metal) supports as well as a range of tools and media. The emphasis of the workshop is experimentation through individualised project work – participants will be encouraged to work towards completing a small piece that incorporates text and utilises new technique(s) and/or media and supports.

Bring your favourite resources (collage materials, inspiring words, ephemera) for potential inclusion and a spirit of adventure"

I'm really thrilled to be asked to offer a class and excited about doing something 'calligraphic' in content - I'll be over the moon if I have enough punters to make it happen (mind you - the southern highlands in winter can get mighty nippy.... brrrrrrrr!) so feel free to spread the word!



  1. Love to come but have to be in Qld then for a 70th.
    Congratulations on teaching there.

  2. ahhh gads penny - how sweet are you!

  3. So cool! Ronnie, that's great, and I'm insanely jealous as a) I'd like to teach there too and b) I'd like to go to your class and probably can't * sniff * I wonder if Duck is teaching this year? Punters should be queueing up already, I say, lucky beggars. P.S. if you're thinking of going, Ronnie's right, it gets cold. I was glad to took a hot water bottle, a spare doona and thermal undies!!! Brrr... but good things come out of Sturt Winter School including, of course, BookArtObject!

  4. Your course sounds great and so useful ronnie. I also find that all those things I learnt about text in my calligraphy days have informed and been relevant to everything I do today with text. I'd have been lost without that background.

  5. thanks for your generosity everyone - and particularly your words helen.... our mutual calligraphic background gives us much common ground - I initially felt unsure about taking up gemma's suggestion of offering a calligraphic course at sturt as I feel that I'm not really at the core of that craft any more - yet most of what I currently do owes a HUGE debt to my calligraphic training. I hope that I can deliver the goods should the course get the numbers (and I'll be sure to pack my winter woollies sara - thanks for the heads up!)

  6. a cosy collage and calligraphy class in the nippy highlands sounds like a splendid place to be in winter


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx