Sunday, February 5, 2012

art gesture sunday - week 5...



one blue pot holding lots of blue rocks

nine blue volumes of 'the british encyclopaedia'

 (blue embossed british lion)

 but wait - what's that trying to escape?

an old black and white photo of four unknown boys 
with 'bikes' is revealed/released

ahhhhh what a bonus!

I wonder who they are? 
and how long they have been lurking undiscovered between the covers?

(I suspect time, like knowledge, is more circular than linear...)



  1. Very interesting and attractive installation and whilst the lost/found photo adds much to the meaning, it also makes me feel sad that it's been hidden away in that book since who knows when.

  2. that was my reaction also helen - I have lots and lots of books collected from charities - and I often have little treasures pop out from between the pages..... it is one of the bittersweet things about collecting old books I suppose....

  3. Hi Ronnie, don't think of them as lost - you've just found them! And don't we all just love a bit of bittersweet!


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